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The Hall & Oates Guide to Small Business Writing

Small Business Writing. Photo Credit – Flickr: Old Lucky DuckWhen Hall & Oates play a concert in town, I’m there. No questions asked.

The transformation from college kids playing soul music in Philadelphia to one of America’s biggest pop duos is a lot like growing a small business.

You put in countless hours and effort in hope to one day become a profitable enterprise that pays it forward and provides opportunities for others.

There’s not enough room on my server for a rant about how much I enjoy Daryl Hall & John Oates, but if you’re building a small business, you’re probably looking for the same type of love from your clients and customers.

You want them to adore you because what you offer is so simply incredible.

Here are 10 small business writing tips from Hall & Oates songs to help you clearly communicate your unique selling proposition and turn your small business into a fan-crazed phenomenon. [Read more…]

7 Reasons Why Online Proofreading Services Should Be Illegal

Online Proofreading Services. Photo Credit: CarbonNYCUsing online proofreading services designed for your small business is like getting away with murder.

For a minimal fee, an online proofreader will polish your writing, but you get to take credit for the brilliant results.

Many blog posts and articles will explain why you need a freelance proofreader. You’ve heard all the reasons.

You can’t catch your own writing mistakes. If you have one typo in a document, all your clients will hate you forever. You’re not a grammar expert.

Boring, right? A minor typo or occasional syntax error doesn’t make any difference.

But what if your content is far from professional quality and you don’t realize it?

Online proofreading services are a small business’s ally.

Here are 7 sneaky advantages of hiring a freelance proofreader that will lighten your workload and strengthen your business. [Read more…]

Video: A Punctuation Lesson via Conan O’Brien

Punctuation Lesson. Photo Credit – Flickr: whittlzSince proper punctuation and Conan O’Brien both hold spots on my “favorite things” list, I was thrilled that I recently got to combine the two in an educational video.

Thanks to the DVR, you can enjoy late-night television any time of day. I record CONAN, and I’ll often put on the show during breaks throughout my work schedule.

In March, the show began its “Fan Corrections” segment. If a viewer finds an error during an episode, Conan invites the fan to make a video about the mistake and post it on YouTube as a response to the challenge.

Last week, I found a punctuation error during Conan’s May 4 show. As a freelance proofreader, it was only appropriate that I make a video about the incident and teach Conan about proper punctuation. [Read more…]

20 Fears that a Freelance Proofreader Kills to Help You Sleep at Night

Freelance Proofreader. Photo Credit:“I’m so glad you caught that!” is a familiar remark to a freelance proofreader.

After you and/or your team of writers create multiple drafts, you don’t always have the time to check that your documents make sense to someone who isn’t part of your company’s inner circle.

How will your target audience interpret your copy? Did you fail to communicate your point? Will your writing make you look unprofessional?

Even though many small businesses don’t employ full-time proofreaders, the luxury of having a professional catch your mistakes and improve the clarity of your writing is not reserved for the big guys.

Instead of losing sleep over potential business writing blunders, a reliable online proofreader is just a few clicks away.

Hire a freelance proofreader to correct your writing and remove the 20 fears that make up the Four M’s of Small Business Document Anxiety. [Read more…]