7 Reasons Why Online Proofreading Services Should Be Illegal

Online Proofreading Services. Photo Credit: CarbonNYCUsing online proofreading services designed for your small business is like getting away with murder.

For a minimal fee, an online proofreader will polish your writing, but you get to take credit for the brilliant results.

Many blog posts and articles will explain why you need a freelance proofreader. You’ve heard all the reasons.

You can’t catch your own writing mistakes. If you have one typo in a document, all your clients will hate you forever. You’re not a grammar expert.

Boring, right? A minor typo or occasional syntax error doesn’t make any difference.

But what if your content is far from professional quality and you don’t realize it?

Online proofreading services are a small business’s ally.

Here are 7 sneaky advantages of hiring a freelance proofreader that will lighten your workload and strengthen your business.

1. Your terms.

You don’t have to dedicate a large amount of time to train your online proofreader like you would have to with a full-time employee. You can give detailed instructions with each assignment.

2. Pay per assignment.

It’s like a pay-as-you-go cell phone plan. You’re not paying a salary for a proofreader to show up to a job; you’re paying for specific work.

3. Benefits are for employees.

A freelance proofreader works for you, but she’s not your employee. No paid sick days. No health insurance. No maternity leave. Online proofreading services add a member to your team who is available to proofread without any excessive costs to your company.

4. Use your lifeline.

After a while, you and your co-workers no longer have an objective opinion about the content that you’ve written. Your online lifeline has a fresh set of eyes that will ensure your documents are ready to be published.

5. Choose your deadlines.

Specify a deadline, and your freelance copy editor will have your work waiting for you when you want it returned (even if it’s outside “normal” business hours).

6. Move on.

Write copy faster, and let your freelance proofreader revise and perfect your draft while you move on to your next project. Online proofreading services increase productivity for your small business, as well.

7. No regrets.

You won’t risk finding mistakes later that could have been avoided if you let an online proofreader check your work.

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