Professional Proofreading Help: 21 Writing Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

21 Writing Mistakes You'll Never Make AgainOnce upon a time, I decided to write an ebook. It was almost a year since I began my adventures as a freelance proofreader, and I wanted to create a product that would help my clients.

I spent the summer writing Revision Fairy Tales: 21 Writing Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again, and I released it on September 15, 2009—two years ago today!

If you want to improve your writing skills and learn how to stop making the same writing mistakes over and over again, help me celebrate the book’s two-year anniversary by downloading a copy.

I call the content “anti-grammar” because I think standard language rules are boring, confusing, and difficult to remember. Revision Fairy Tales contains straightforward, practical tips that help you write correctly without memorizing any grammar rules.

Each chapter covers a pair of words and teaches you how to effortlessly remember the differences between the two so that you don’t mistakenly write the incorrect one.

Below are the 21 word pairs in Revision Fairy Tales. For fun, I’ve linked each word to current Web content that shows the proper use of the word. (The links aren’t actual text from the ebook.)

Want to learn how to use each of these words properly?

Download a copy of Revision Fairy Tales: 21 Writing Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again here.

Freelance ProofreaderAbout the Author: Stefanie Flaxman corrects business, marketing, and educational documents. She’s a writing consultant and the founder of Revision Fairy® Small Business Proofreading Services. Follow Stefanie on Twitter.

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