Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing

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The Second Edition of Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing is now available.

Click here to download the new 2013 version.

Writing, editing, and proofreading are interconnected activities in the web of transcribed communication.

You can overcome creative standstills if you look at editing and proofreading as a safety net.

Feel free to write absurd, nonsensical musings and tangents. Don’t worry—it can all be fixed later.

However, many writers feel overwhelmed when they have to resolve rough drafts.

It’s a pain to review text that already makes sense to you.

My new free ebook, Revision Fairy Tales: Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing, covers low-stress ways to revise and correct your work. Ensure concepts that you take for granted also make sense to your audience.

You improve your writing skills when you proofread strategically.

After reading the ebook, you won’t look at proofreading the same way again.

The 30-page PDF is Edition I of a new series.

The content in Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide will serve as the foundation for future editions; updates to the series will also include these classic pieces.

Unlike online proofreading articles with obvious advice that is difficult (or boring) to actually incorporate into your writing routine, I prefer to address common writing issues with practical solutions that are easy to implement.

Online Proofreading Guide

To download a FREE copy of Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing (Edition II – 2013), click here.

Freelance ProofreaderAbout the Author: Stefanie Flaxman corrects business, marketing, and educational documents. She created Revision Fairy® Small Business Proofreading Services with your editing needs in mind.

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