Why Revision Fairy?

Proofreading Services. Photo Credit – Flickr: campraI offer online proofreading services, but I’m not actually a proofreader.

I’m not actually a copy editor, either.

My creative work with words varies.

Sometimes, I proofread.

Sometimes, I copy edit.

Sometimes, I do both.

Sometimes, I rewrite rough drafts.

Sometimes, I write original content.

The thing is: writers don’t always know what they need.

That’s why I created Revision Fairy.

Revision Fairy is a revision philosophy, practiced by—not a proofreader, not a copy editor, but—a word artist.

For me, reading and manipulating your text is an artistic craft.

I call Revision Fairy “proofreading services” because that’s the starting point.

You wrote something, and it’s perfect.

Perfect, according to you.

But you know you’re not objective. You’re attached to the words you just wrote.

You need someone else to look at your work, to proofread it, and guide you in the right direction.

Are there spelling and grammar errors?

Are there typos?

Are there omissions?

Does your writing lack structure?

Do you need more explanations or smoother transitions?

Do you need to condense repetitive thoughts?

Do you need to delete irrelevant tangents?

Do you fail to communicate your point?

When you don’t know exactly what your writing needs, but you want to make it better and clearer, that’s what Revision Fairy does.

My revision process is a combination of content editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

After I review your work, you get an error-free draft annotated with additional suggestions for improvement.

If your writing is strong, the draft may only contain minor copy editing and proofreading changes. If your writing is weak, some sections may be rewritten.

I’ll happily follow your instructions if you know the specific type of revision work you need.

If you know you just need copy editing, I can just copy edit your writing.

If you know you just need proofreading, I can just proofread your writing.

But sometimes, you need more support.

Sometimes, you need Revision Fairy.

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Stefanie Flaxman is a digital copywriter and editor with an unparalleled eye for detail. She teaches better writing, disciplined creativity, and non-sleazy marketing. Get more from Stefanie on YouTube.