What Happens When You Get What You Want?

Envy. Photo Credit – Flickr: annalise.ellenSo, someone else has got what you want.

What are you going to do about it?

Let’s pretend you’re eight years old and drawing with a green crayon. You desperately want to draw with an orange crayon, but only ten-year-old art students get to draw with orange crayons.

Your art project would be just perfect if you had that color. You can feel it. You know how great it would be.

The orange crayon is perfection in its unrealized state.

Since your teacher has always admired your drawings, you ask him if he could give you an orange crayon to complete your idea (even though it’s against the rules).

Miraculously, he hands you a new pack of crayons containing the coveted orange variety.

You feel on top of the world! For a minute.

Then you complete your design and lose interest in it.

Your desire for the orange crayon immediately starts to fade as soon as it comes into your possession. You no longer envy another artist who has one.

But was the experience as great as you thought it was going to be?

Can you still relate to the person who so longingly wanted to draw with the orange crayon, or does that person seem a bit silly now?

Once we accomplish something, it loses its intrigue; it’s no longer mysterious and full of possibility. The experience is less valuable to you.

If you diminish your envy and simply take action, you realize that the orange crayon isn’t so terribly special after all. And if it is, you’ll know the joy of drawing with an orange crayon first hand.

Taking action = win, win.

The things that we TRULY want don’t stay WANTS. They become realities—because there is no other option.

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