It’s Not About You

Emotional Perspective. Photo Credit – Flickr: Squirmelia“I never saw it coming from my little human prism. How sad it is to know I’m in control.” ~Bright Eyes, Triple Spiral

You can’t force perspective.

When you’re caught up in an emotional reaction, perspective is quite dependent on the idea that there is no substitute for time.

Compassion for another point of view grows once you become emotionally neutral to the damage, or at least take a break from expending the same amount of emotional energy on it.

During this period of pause, you organically learn more about the situation at hand.

You don’t have to rush your emotions to feel something other than what you’re feeling, but you can practice viewing them differently when you feel personally offended.

Perspective can also be an exercise that you incorporate into how you emotionally process the world.

Forced spurts of perspective make it easier to view a situation for what it is, rather than a circumstance that is out to break you.

Here are five short-term perspective examples that you can adopt.

Do you feel upset because you were rejected?

InstaPerspective: Whom have you ignored or abandoned?

Do you feel upset because someone took advantage of you?

InstaPerspective: Whom have you used to gain something?

Do you feel upset because you’re clueless about how to proceed?

InstaPerspective: Why do you think anyone else knows what to do more than you?

Do you feel upset because you’re not appreciated?

InstaPerspective: What great qualities have you overlooked in others?

Did a comment piss you off?

InstaPerspective: What do you say that pisses other people off?

You’ve likely screwed over (or will screw over) someone in the same way that you feel screwed over—you just never want to be the person in a vulnerable position because events did not play out the way that you had hoped.

Perspective doesn’t justify or excuse another person’s (hurtful, inconsiderate, irritating, etc.) actions, but why would you choose to care about something that you can’t (and will never) control?

You only control your responses.

All you need to know is how you want to behave.

Every day, every occurrence is a test.

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