What Changed Your Life This Week?

Photo Credit – Flickr: .Andi.I can be a tad dramatic.

I’ve been known to label ordinary instances—from jury duty to eating a club sandwich—as life-changers.

I also interpret the blandest phrases as metaphors.

Admittedly, I’m obsessive when it comes to finding hidden meaning in everyday occurrences. Some allegories make more sense than others.

Since writing and editing metaphors are my favorite, I’ve evolved this site from a proofreading service to a place for philosophical content about making revisions in life—you’re the master storyteller, after all.

The following quote from Brain Pickings is about the writing process, but I obviously saw larger implications:

You can’t revise or discard what you don’t consciously recognize.”

When I talk about optimism or cynicism, I’ve assumed way too much.

I’ve assumed you recognize what type of attitude you have.

I’ve assumed you recognize that your attitude influences the choices that you make.

I’ve assumed you recognize how your attitude makes you feel.

Why would you be interested in revising any aspect of your life if you’re not aware that your current state makes you feel shitty?

And if you know that your behavior makes you feel shitty, but you don’t care to do anything about it—why is that?

I let everything change my life because I want it to. I need to constantly learn and challenge my values—even if that means throwing out a belief that I’ve stringently held for some time.

When I don’t let (or before I let) an experience change my life for the better, I’m usually preoccupied with judging, blaming, or taking offense from something external. A perspective shift yields major results.

I understand how accessorizing my life with epiphanies and metaphors can seem excessive, but for me there’s no other way to be (this week).

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