The Intersection of Cynicism and Optimism

Cynicism and Optimism: Photo Credit – Flickr: topastrodfognaFor me, proofreading is about improving, and it doesn’t stop when I’m done working on a document.

Since I value a strong sense of self, I think nauseating self-awareness is one way to shape your identity.

I like to proofread my actions because I don’t like to take experiences for granted.

My intent isn’t to make myself a neurotic mess. It’s to monitor my growth as a human being, examine why I do the things that I do, and confidently own the choices that I make.

Life is a series of difficult decisions. Heavy, emotional, pressing decisions. The choice of how you want to feel takes center stage.

We like to escape reality when we can’t face the choices that we’ve made. If we’re content with our decisions, it’s easier to face life and keep moving forward.

Reality is what the world presents to you. How you decide to interpret reality builds the pieces of your identity.

Do you maintain peace and happiness regardless of external chaos, or do dead ends and disappointments contaminate your wellness?

Around pessimistic people, I think I’ve made a poor choice for acquaintances. I feel like they’re consumed and stunted by their negativity, and a positive group of peers would better suit my “lemonade out of lemons” way of rolling with the punches.

Around optimistic people, I’m bored. I want to roll my eyes and scream, “But don’t you know the world is a horrible place?! Why aren’t you tortured by your existence?! You’re so bland!”

Maybe those aren’t my people, either. It can get a bit confusing.

It’s taken some time, but I’ve come to accept that I exist in a dynamic, contradictory space that likes to see both sides of the story and thrives on questioning what I encounter.

My writing is born from this space, as well.

How can cynicism and optimism coexist?

Here’s my challenge: wax optimism with an acidic essencepositivity cocktails with a twist, if you will. (Tweet it.)

Stay tuned next week for a preview of my new painkiller, How to Overcome Heartbreak Without Projectile Vomiting: A Guide for Cynical Hopeless Romantics.

It’s not what you think.

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