Video: How to Overcome Heartbreak

How to Overcome HeartbreakWhen was the last time you felt it?

It could have been an intense jolt or a mild ache that lasted for years.

You may have gotten so used to living with it that you don’t remember how you felt, how you functioned, and how you formed opinions without it.


As you become your own Revision Fairy, you take responsibility for your life because it’s the life that you have to live every day. It’s your manuscript.

You write out what happens next, and edit out what doesn’t work.

Since symbolic writing and editing is all about examining choices, my philosophical magnifying glass likes to focus on what influences our decisions.

How you react to heartbreak, an inevitable aspect of life, shapes the person who you are and how you respond to subsequent events and additional, inevitable heartbreaks.

My new book addresses heartbreak as a growing pain when you encounter the unknown, and I argue that romantic heartbreak, as it’s commonly experienced, does not exist.

If heartbreak doesn’t exist, then you can pinpoint and treat the actual painful emotions that you’re experiencing and get over heartbreak faster. You want to feel better, right?

Here’s a video that explains more about heartbreak philosophy:

You know I love double (and triple and quadruple) meanings, so projectile vomiting juxtaposed with heartbreak can be interpreted multiple ways.

I recognize the subsequent sickening feeling when you think you have a broken heart.

On a daily basis, I have an emotionally sensitive stomach. (If you want to have lunch with me, clear your afternoon. I can only eat when I’m relaxed. Our meal will likely take a while.)

The heightened emotions of perceived heartbreak only amplify my sensitivity.

I’m in good company.

Bald eagles projectile vomit as a defense mechanism against predators.

You could think of heartbreaking circumstances in your human life as predators—viscous killers of harmonious states.

Predatory heartbreak erupts your insides and makes you self-protective. You frantically cling to Safety as it slips through your fingers. When it crashes down on the floor, your heart simultaneously shatters.

But what exactly is heartbreak, and what causes it?

When you reference something as “heartbreaking,” what has internally occurred within you?

Why is heartbreak so dramatic?

Heartbreak is too vague of an emotion to treat with traditional cures.

Fluffy self-help and idealistic fairy tales that promote better romantic encounters in the future can be as nauseating as your original heartbreak trigger.

Where is the middle ground between hot mess (cue the vomit) and happily ever after (gag)?

Stick around to find out.

How to Overcome Heartbreak Without Projectile Vomiting: A Guide for Cynical Hopeless Romantics will be available on May 21, 2013.

Stefanie Flaxman is the creator of @RevisionFairy and author of a new book about heartbreak.

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