Proofreading as a Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness Practice. Photo Credit – Flickr: ConnectIrmeliIf you’re happy with what you have, does nothing in your life need to change?

Change is a funny thing because it can happen whether you want it to or not—and it’s often heartbreaking.

An appreciation for aspects of your life that give you comfort is actually quite independent of pursuing a beneficial change.

When is it appropriate to actively make a change, then?

A writer gets emotionally attached to the words that he pens. Critiques or corrections about his creations may be interpreted as personal attacks (depending on how sensitive you are).

Literal and metaphorical writing, however, is a process. That’s why word processors (the electronic or human being kind) have delete/backspace keys and copy/paste functions. You’re supposed to befriend the rough draft.

In writing, and in life, assuming the role of your own freelance proofreader can be a mindfulness practice. No beneficial change to your writing will occur if you refuse to recognize the sections that need improvement.

You give yourself this power. No one else will.

I can write every week about the benefits of hiring a freelance copy editor, but unless you’re open to revising your writing, it doesn’t matter.

If a writer does not want to craft his words and admit to himself that he still has to work on weak areas, he’s stagnant. The more you don’t grow and improve, the more you feel stuck, helpless, and overwhelmed. When you ignore the need to make corrections and make excuses for why your writing stays the same, it’s a punch in the face to your identity.

Being happy with what you have for the sake of it inhibits you from making choices that make you naturally happy with what is.

Before your writing makes an impact, you have to have an alert, detail-oriented eye that catches errors and other makings of sub-par content.

Facing the “whys” behind our behaviors can be unpleasant, but if you aren’t open to that first step, you’ll never eventually get a draft that makes you proud.

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