Revision Strategies Recap 2012

Revision Strategies. Photo Credit – Flickr: remediate.thisHow often do you hope that everything will be “perfect” right away?

Are you frustrated if your expectations for a situation aren’t immediately met?

Writing is an artistic craft that requires many different forms of corrections before you produce a final product that satisfies your intentions.

You can also apply a focused revision strategy in life as a way to consistently participate in the creation of your reality.

If you don’t get something “right” on the first try, do you review your actions, evolve your outlook, and try new things—molding and shaping your existence until it’s closer to what you want it to look like?

Or do you give up your personal responsibility to make necessary improvements? Or give in when your efforts seem futile, conforming your behavior to match the external chaos?

The process of evolution is just that—a process—not a quick fix.

You control your small and large choices along the way that contribute to your ultimate happiness or unhappiness.

Here are my top 21 bite-sized guides from 2012 that support your decisions, as you become your own Revision Fairy.


How to Overcome Heartbreak Without Projectile Vomiting

What Is Heartbreak?

Heartbreak Cure for the Cynical Romantic

Heartbreak Philosophy

Introduction to Heartbreak Philosophy

Introduction to Heartbreak Philosophy, Part 2: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Getting Over Heartbreak: Why You Can’t Get It Right

Cynical Optimism

Let It Exist, Not Consume

The Intersection of Cynicism and Optimism

Where Does ‘Being Happy With What You Have’ Fall on the Bullshit Scale?

So, You Think You’re a Victim?

It’s Only Screwed Up from Your Limited Perspective

It’s Not About You

Whom Did You Interrupt Today?


Are Your Wishes Dangerous?

What Happens When You Get What You Want?

Are Your Goals Stifling Your Strengths?


What Changed Your Life This Week?

Not Your Mother’s Itsy Bitsy Spider: Identify Obstacles

Proofreading as a Mindfulness Practice

(Literal) Writing & Editing Tips

12 Editing Solutions When Your Writing Isn’t Good Enough

5 Shortcuts for Proofreading Documents in Record Time

Permission to Be Bad, Real Bad, Michael Jackson

Heartbreak CureStefanie Flaxman is the creator of @RevisionFairy and author of a new book about heartbreak.

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