Why You Must Define a Broken Heart

You know it when it happens.

It’s a painful feeling that’s often irrational.

You can’t calm down.

You don’t want to calm down.

Define what you’re going through?

Go to hell.

It’s awful and terrible, and that’s that.

Heartbreak affects The Sensitive and The Stoic even though each case may have distinct appearances.

Your initial emotional reaction to heartbreak is understandably out of control because the loss you’re experiencing is not intellectual.

A feeling you wanted to keep is now not a part of your reality or you know it can’t be a part of your reality anymore, no matter how much you wanted to hold onto it.

The present is fuzzy and unreal—a shaky foundation for the future.

You don’t know what’s going to happen next. There is no Next.

The thought of getting over your heartbreak is laughable.

However, if you know you’re heartbroken, you have an advantage.

You can define a broken heart by simply submitting to the black hole of heartbreak.

Awareness of your hopeless feelings gives you direction; it gives you a starting place.

When you’re heartbroken but you fail to acknowledge the state or carry on as if you’re not devastated by your current reality, you’re vulnerable.

Your broken heart causes you to make choices that shape your identity (often in self-destructive ways).

But you think you’re fine. Or fine enough. Everyone’s miserable and pretending to be okay, right?

Your heartbreak cure is to remain the same despite your confusion and disappointment.

Business as usual. You’ll just behave like everyone else.

That’s good enough. That’s how to overcome heartbreak. Act like it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t affect you. You’re not like that. You don’t care.

You’re not the same person you were before heartbreak and you must proceed accordingly.

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How to Overcome Heartbreak

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