Get Rid of Broken Heart Pain Once and for All

Broken Heart Pain. Photo Credit – Flickr: stevendepoloOuch.

You quickly pull back the finger that accidentally brushed against the pan on your stove set to medium heat, shaking your hand to relieve the stinging sensation.

Pain from a hot burner makes us rethink our actions and creates an awareness of our surroundings.

We proceed more cautiously because we don’t want to burn our hands again.

With pain from heartbreak, we don’t assume the same responsibility.

We don’t define a broken heart properly and note that the pain is a signal for us to remove ourselves.

Instead of taking extra care to avoid repeating the mistake, we revisit the pain.

Getting over heartbreak isn’t our goal. We want to fix the broken heart.

We want to touch the hot stove without consequences.

We have confidence in our manipulative abilities and lack confidence in our abilities to go in the opposite direction.

The hot stove is the object we desire, and we have to face the unknown if we decide to give it up.

Facing the unknown can cause an equal amount of pain, so we attempt to mend the existing pain from the hot stove rather than deal with the heartbreak that accompanies the unknown.

We fail to acknowledge that the growing pain of the unknown helps evolve our identities.

Lingering around the heat sets us up for more broken heart pain.

We persist when we should walk away.

But you can’t manipulate flames without getting scalded.

To overcome heartbreak, you have to see the existing pain clearly.

Let it hurt you.

And know not to settle for it.

How to Overcome Heartbreak

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