Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing

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A proofreading guide is like a dessert menu.

It presents the third course to your creation meal that involved writing as a first course and editing as a second course.

Since proofreading is the last step you take before publishing, it’s obviously an important one—you want to ensure perfection.

It’s heartbreaking to find an error in a final document that has already been released for the world to see.

But before proofreading is the most appropriate revision procedure, there are important steps that you can take during the writing process to make sure your message is strong and direct.

Unlike the first edition of my proofreading guide, which only explained proofreading techniques, the second edition of Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide also establishes methods to keep your thoughts clear and organized while you write and edit.

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The 67-page PDF is twice as long as the first edition and helps your intentions effortlessly transfer from your mind to the words transcribed in front of your readers’ eyes, so that your text digests properly.

Online Proofreading Guide

Download your copy of Your Ultimate Online Proofreading Guide for Better Writing now.

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