The Hall & Oates Guide to Small Business Writing

Small Business Writing. Photo Credit – Flickr: Old Lucky DuckWhen Hall & Oates play a concert in town, I’m there. No questions asked.

The transformation from college kids playing soul music in Philadelphia to one of America’s biggest pop duos is a lot like growing a small business.

You put in countless hours and effort in hope to one day become a profitable enterprise that pays it forward and provides opportunities for others.

There’s not enough room on my server for a rant about how much I enjoy Daryl Hall & John Oates, but if you’re building a small business, you’re probably looking for the same type of love from your clients and customers.

You want them to adore you because what you offer is so simply incredible.

Here are 10 small business writing tips from Hall & Oates songs to help you clearly communicate your unique selling proposition and turn your small business into a fan-crazed phenomenon.

You Make My Dreams Come True

What solution do you have to make your customers’ lives easier? How can you help?

It’s A Laugh

You can’t duplicate generic content from a competitor and expect clients to choose you. Don’t blend in. Stand out by providing useful information in a lighthearted manner that relates to your customers’ needs.

One On One

Small businesses have many advantages over big companies. Can you provide personalized attention? Better customer support? Individualized services?

Private Eyes

Get into your customers’ heads (and possibly their Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds). What problem do they have that only you can solve?

Adult Education

Educate prospective clients, employees, and business partners about your awesome company. Why should the client choose you? Why should the employee be happy to work for you? Why should the business partner select you over your competition?

I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)

Sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself. Know when you have to hire a service provider to help you with a special project—whether it’s an email marketing campaign, direct mail postcards, or a sales letter.

Starting All Over Again

When your ideas don’t bring in your desired results, it’s time to revise your content and try again.

Do What You Want, Be What You Are

You have to be passionate about the writing that relates to your product or service. Until I focused on topics that I love to write about on a regular basis, a blog wasn’t a realistic part of my business.

Did It In a Minute

You only have a limited amount of time to win over prospects. Do you know how many other Google search results they have to scan? A lot. Be specific and direct.

Promise Ain’t Enough

It’s not just about sounding good. Follow through with what you say. You won’t retain clients and add new ones if you don’t deliver exceptional quality.

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