Why You Won’t Find My Online Proofreading Services on Facebook

Online Proofreading Services. Photo Credit – Flickr: richliuI have 0 friends.

On Facebook, that is—because I don’t have a personal profile or a Fan page for my online proofreading services.

This admission usually generates puzzled facial expressions and a flurry of condescending questions.

“Aren’t you an online proofreader?” “You can’t possibly be serious about your online business if it’s not on Facebook?!”

Look at it this way: I’m a freelance proofreader and editor. Writers don’t like me.

When was the last time you liked someone who pointed out your mistakes?

But I’m supposed to set up a Facebook Fan page for my business that corrects mistakes and expect you to “Like” it? Hmm …

The idea of having an online profile that encourages others to profess how much they like having their documents proofread seems odd. In fact, writers and content managers usually dread the revision process. Writers are sensitive about their creations, and reviewing feedback is not fun.

I have confidential relationships with my clients; I help them fix their writing and show them how to avoid the same mistakes in the future. My name doesn’t show up on the final product. I polish your documents and you take credit for the results.

Revision Fairy is not exactly water cooler talk. I’m not your favorite sitcom or reality TV show. There is no Snooki in online proofreading services.

While recommendations drive my business, referrals take place in private. The testimonials on my site are from clients who have openly wished to express their gratitude.

Plus, you can still share my content on Facebook without an official Revision Fairy page.

You may think that I don’t know how to use Facebook to market my business and I’m overcompensating for my lack of social media expertise.

Although I’m older than Mark Zuckerberg, I was in college during Facebook’s infant stage. Like every other 21-year-old at the time, I created a profile when Facebook became available at my school. (Or, rather, I was convinced to join by my then-boyfriend who was infuriated when I didn’t immediately put my status as “In a Relationship.” Naturally.)

My personal profile has now been disabled for over two years.

If I wanted to leverage Facebook for my business, I could certainly do it. There are tons of blogs, free reports, and tutorials about how to take advantage of the platform.

For me, Twitter is the most effective communication tool to direct potential clients to Revision Fairy. It gives me a social media presence without duplicating my Web site in a space that I don’t own. (Remember, Facebook owns your content.)

Social media profiles take work, dedication, and strategy. You have to evaluate which ones are right for your business.

It’s not difficult to contact me because I’m not on Facebook. Since I conduct all correspondence online for my proofreading services, I have to be available during business hours.

If you email me, you’ll get a prompt, detailed reply.

If you send me a question on Twitter, I won’t ignore you.

Many companies use Facebook in specific ways that work for their needs, but creating a collection of social media profiles to complement your business is not necessarily a recipe for success.

Right now, utilizing Facebook is not right for me, and only time will tell if I’m making the best choice for my online proofreading services.

In the mean time, here’s some food for thought:

How’s your MySpace page looking these days?

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