7 Rock (Star) Solid Tips to Write a Press Release Like Lady Gaga

Write a Press Release. Photo Credit – Flickr: jupiescoWhen you write a press release to promote your business, you want to attract attention from the media.

However, with the amount of press releases that flood newsrooms each day, your company’s information will be quickly overlooked if you don’t present your announcement in an enticing way.

What can you do if your last press release didn’t produce the results that you desired? Enter: Lady Gaga.

The self-described master of the art of fame constantly works to top her most recent move—whether she’s designing her wardrobe, writing a pop song, or planning a new world tour.

If you want your news release to make headlines, here are 7 tips that will help you write a fascinating press release, Lady Gaga-style.

Just Dance

Your first task when writing a press release is simply to define the news announcement that you want to make public. Although many companies use press releases as promotional tools, they’re different from advertisements.

A press release is a way to communicate a new development about your organization. Common reasons for issuing press releases include new products and services, personnel changes, or participation in a trade show.

You just need to focus on a new piece of information about your company.

Born This Way

Since a press release is news directly from a source, you shouldn’t be vague about who is issuing the news. Put your company’s name and your main news announcement in your headline and first paragraph.

Include relevant keywords and provide supporting information. Answer the questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Love Game

Find creative ways to answer “W? W? W? W? W? H?” to show the qualities that make you different from your competitors.

Use direct quotes from members of your organization to reinforce your message.

A press release is not an objective news story—it’s an announcement straight from the source—so you can affectionately explain the impact of your news to your target audience.

Why is this news a game-changer for you? Why should the media and potential customers want to find out more?

Poker Face

Don’t tell your company’s whole story; provoke your audience’s curiosity.

A press release is not an “About Me” section of a Web site or social media profile. Keep the text snappy and simple to comprehend.

Limit your background information to a one-paragraph boilerplate. A boilerplate at the end of your press release can follow the heading “About Company XYZ” and give an overview of your company.


Once someone reads your press release and learns about your company, what do you have to offer her when she visits your Web site? A free ebook with helpful tips? Can she follow you on Twitter? “Like” you on Facebook? Subscribe to your blog?

Keep your audience intrigued with different channels of information about your company. Make it effortless for interested parties to stay updated with your latest news.


Ideally, your news will be so juicy that a media outlet will follow up with you for an interview.

Every press release that you write needs a media contact. Provide the name of the media contact at your company, his or her title, a phone number, and an email address. At the end of your press release, you may want to restate your Web site address and Twitter handle, as well.

The Edge of Glory

Your work isn’t done once you issue a press release. It’s just the beginning.

Prepare for inquiries with a complete press kit. You need to consistently make a professional impression and deliver an outstanding product or service.

You can experiment with different types of press releases as your business grows and expands. What’s your next news announcement going to be about?

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