Best Business Writing Tips on Revision Fairy: Summer 2011

Business Writing Tips. Photo Credit – Flickr: petter palanderFavorites.

They seem to be a staple on every social media site, Web browser, and smartphone.

Since it’s unwise to dive into any project without a healthy review of its early stages, I want to list my favorite business writing tips on Revision Fairy from the last few months.

I look forward to writing about more specific topics that answer your questions about how to produce the best business writing possible.

Summer is a time for reflection and relaxation (although I’ll likely also write a similar post in the fall), so take a look at these helpful business writing posts in case you missed them earlier in the year.

Happy Reading!

7 Rock (Star) Solid Tips to Write a Press Release Like Lady Gaga

What can you do if your last press release didn’t produce the results that you desired? If you want your news release to make headlines, here are seven tips that will help you write a fascinating press release, Lady Gaga-style.

Proofread Your Business Blog Posts and Get More Subscribers in 5 Steps

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to proofread your business blog posts, here are five questions to ask yourself before you publish. Satisfy each of these elements to bridge the gap between writing that makes an impact and text that gets ignored.

Self-Publishing in the Age of Weinergate

Find out how Anthony Weiner affects your ebook, blog, or Web site.

The Hall & Oates Guide to Small Business Writing

Here are 10 small business writing tips from Hall & Oates songs to help you clearly communicate your unique selling proposition and turn your small business into a fan-crazed phenomenon.

Video: A Punctuation Lesson via Conan O’Brien

Since proper punctuation and Conan O’Brien both hold spots on my “favorite things” list, I was thrilled that I got to combine the two in an educational video.

Small Business Productivity Tips: A 3-Course Meal

To complete a task, you need realistic practices that give you an immediate sense of satisfaction. Then, you can build on that feeling to heighten your level of self-motivation. Here are three small business productivity tips that complement each other and help you accomplish your goals.

8 Ways to Use the Best Writing Blogs to Grow Your Business

The amount of free content on the Internet is overwhelming. How do you find the good stuff and use it wisely without paying for your own business mentor to guide you? Here are eight game-changing business strategies that I’ve learned from studying writing blogs everyday.

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