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Small Business Ebook: The Art of Blogging Debunked. Photo Credit – Flickr: wicckedE-junkie is a popular tool for selling products online, but did you know that the company also has a blog about small business, self-publishing, and eCommerce? provides helpful resources and announcements for both online and offline entrepreneurs, and I wrote a guest post about writing online content for the blog in June.

Since I often discuss the importance of small business blogs, I was pleased to discover that the articles in E-junkie’s new free ebook, The Art of Blogging Debunked, support my belief that a blog isn’t necessarily a site for breaking news or a place to rant about what you ate for breakfast.

Consistently maintaining a small business blog adds a new dimension to your organization and can help you attract customers.

The ebook consists of 18 brief articles packed with useful information to get you on the right track as soon as you start your blog. You’ll learn tricks to promote your business and monetize your online content, as well.

As stated in the ebook’s introduction:

“‘The Art of Blogging Debunked’ is a project in which many experts have contributed some of their best articles to bring you the knowledge and skills required to be a successful blogger.

Blogging is an integral part of eCommerce, and we strongly believe that every business owner must understand the art of blogging and its soft benefits. Not only does a blog help in connecting with customers, but also provides a platform where one can share thoughts, ideas, future projects and experiences.”

Here are summaries of four small business articles in The Art of Blogging Debunked.

Get inspired to create content that helps potential customers discover your business.

  • “Does Your Business Blog Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes?” by Carol Tice

Transform your blog from a mere section of your Web site to an information hub.

  • “How I Went From 0 to 1,012 Blog Subscribers in 101 Days” by Henri Junttila

Learn practices that any business can implement to grow interest in your blog.

Find out why your small business blog is a crucial communication outlet.

To read the ebook in its entirety, download The Art of Blogging Debunked (for free!) here.

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