What’s the Connection Between Document Proofreading and Online Marketing?

Document Proofreading. Photo Credit – Flickr: krossbowContrary to the seemingly mundane activity of document proofreading, online marketing is a glamorous buzzword for both online and offline businesses.

Once you transcend the notion of shady Internet scams and vicious trolls, the idea of marketing a legitimate business online sounds exciting.

There are no paper cuts, awkward telephone conversations, or heavy objects to lift on the Web.

Whether you’re a small business looking for Facebook fans and Twitter followers, or a blogger developing an online writing portfolio, the Internet is a desirable place to appeal to customers.

But can you really market your product or service to an audience online and actually get new clients and customers?

The answer is yes, but you have an extremely limited time to solidify your reputation.

While an offline business may get more than one chance to make an impression, a quick page view may be all that you get in the online world.

For example, consider a retail store in a shopping center. You may not have any interest in what it sells, but if you frequently visit the shopping center to pick up groceries, you may go into the store and discover a product that changes your life. Subsequently, you become a loyal customer and advocate for the business and its merchandise.

Here’s an example in the entertainment industry: after viewing commercials for a new television program, you decide that it does not interest you. Then, one day after hopeless channel surfing, you turn on the show and get hooked on the storyline. You’ve changed your mind about the series and it takes up substantial space on your DVR for the remainder of the season.

Both of these examples have happy endings for the business ventures. In the arena of online marketing, the end result for your business is more like a Final Destination movie. You only have a slim chance of escaping unscathed.

The content that you put online either instantly makes prospects jump for joy or they simply click their browsers’ “Back” button. Done. And they never visit your website or blog again because they find a better product or service provider that more intuitively matches their needs.

They’re not “walking by” your website again on the way to pick up milk and eggs. They’re not “putting on” your website because they just feel like relaxing on the couch with mindless television. (That’s how I started watching Glee. True story.)

Proofreading your website or blog is not trivial. It should be a priority. Your content has to be free of careless writing mistakes and speak to your audience in a real way.

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