Introducing Free Proofreading Services: Get a Sample Today!

Free Proofreading Services. Photo Credit – Flickr: ElectraSteph

UPDATED APRIL 25, 2012 —

Free samples are no longer available. Please refer to my Proofreading Service Menu for standard prices.

I don’t offer free proofreading services.

Proofreading is not a hobby for me. It’s not a complimentary service that I help you with in my spare time.

Proofreading is what I do.

But a free proofreading sample?

That’s a different story.

It’s my business to help you with your business.

When you order proofreading services, you make an investment in your company. You want flawless writing that impresses clients and co-workers.

So, during your search to hire a freelance proofreader, you may want to see results before you make a big time and money commitment.

Now there’s a way for anyone to try Revision Fairy for free, even if Premium Membership isn’t right for you.

Are you a new Revision Fairy client with a document that is 400 words or less? Let me proofread it for free!

Your FREE sample proofreading will:

  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes
  • Catch typos or glaring errors you may have missed
  • Check for factual consistency
  • Give feedback on incomplete or weak areas of your text
  • Ensure your message is clear
  • Offer advice about what you need to improve or clarify
  • Alert you to the #1 thing your writing is missing
  • Teach you tips to avoid the same mistakes in the future
  • Provide you with an error-free draft annotated with additional guidance

Freelance ProofreaderStefanie Flaxman created Revision Fairy® Small Business Proofreading Services with your editing needs in mind.

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