Online Writing Help 101: Business Email Etiquette

Online Writing Help. Photo Credit – Flickr: Ann DouglasIn my last post, I discussed an ineffective way to engage a service provider when you’re looking online for writing help.

To complement my report on what you shouldn’t do, it’s appropriate to outline a refresher on business email etiquette—what you should do.

When you visit my website, the Proofreading Service Menu lists the following pricing structure:




Proofreading services and editorial consulting are $0.02 per word.

For documents 10,000 words or less, you can choose your preferred turnaround time. There is a specific fee for each turnaround time.

48 hours: $0.16 per word

72 hours: $0.12 per word

96 hours: $0.10 per word

120 hours: $0.08 per word

Your total fee = ($0.02 + turnaround time fee) x word count.

How should you proceed if your writing needs are different than those specifications?

Here are 10 ways to let me know via email that you’re serious about hiring a proofreader or writer for your business.

1. Address me by name.

When you start a verbal dialogue about a possible business relationship, you greet the person you talk to by name. This exchange should be the same in email.

2. Utilize the email ‘subject’ line.

Create a subject line that summarizes your needs.

3. How did you hear about me?

Let me know why you think I can help you.

4. What kind of documents would you like me to proofread?

Blog posts? Newsletters? Sales copy? Press releases? White papers?

5. How long are your documents?

Price quotes are based on word count.

6. What do you need that’s different than my standard proofreading services?

Is your document longer than 10,000 words? Do you need rewriting or writing services? Do you have an on-going project or projects?

7. What’s your preferred turnaround time?

I aim to meet your deadlines, so state when you need your revised document returned to you.

8. What’s your budget for my standard services?

If my standard services fit your editorial needs, but your project’s administration requires special attention, what’s your budget for your proposed work arrangement?

9. What’s your budget for a custom project?

If you’d like me to work on a project with customized editorial and administrative components, what’s your budget?

10. Familiarize yourself with my Terms of Service.

It’s clearly stated on my website that I only conduct business over email. Composing a succinct note helps you focus on the desired outcome for your project.

Your written correspondence is essentially a job ad. You want to hire someone to perform work for you, so describe specific details about the ideal person you want to add to your team. Feel free to ask questions about what I will do to ensure that you are thrilled with my editorial work.

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