Learn 15 Common Grammar Mistakes in Less Than 5 Minutes

Common Grammar Mistakes. Photo Credit – Flickr: Mary Lee HahnThe Internet is oodles and oodles full of special sauce.

Today’s flavor? Grammar.

If you don’t internalize a grammar lesson, it’s not going to prevent you from making the same error again in the future. The tip must be easy to comprehend and practical.

I love concise guides that actually make a difference the next time that you sit down to write.

You can find 46 pages of pithy pointers in my first ebook, Revision Fairy Tales: 21 Writing Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again.

Last week on Copyblogger, BlueGlass combined old text posts about grammar mistakes into a handy infographic.

Take a look, and learn. (If you’re a real Grammar Inspector, make sure to look at #11 and then examine the headline of this post. I follow the rule that if you denote a measure of time, you use “less” rather than “fewer.”)

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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