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Book About HeartbreakWhat differentiates feelings of heartbreak from other painful emotions caused by disappointment, rejection, or criticism. What ingredients make up a broken heart?

If you label a state “heartbreak,” what events have occurred and what feelings have been evoked that make it specifically heartbreak?

I like to examine why people get upset in combination with their reactions and responses when something disturbs, offends, or insults them.

I call that sequence heartbreak, and it exists in the space of identity, self-development, and choices, rather than in the realm of love, sex, and relationships.

Those looking to get over heartbreak must first define it.

More than extreme melancholy, I regard heartbreak as a state that you’re in when your ideal state has been disrupted and can’t exist anymore—a recurring fact of life.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Is that what heartbreak is for you?

Since I don’t allow comments on my content, if you do have something to say based on my assessment of heartbreak, create something in your own space.

Put the above video on your website or Facebook page, and write about what heartbreak is to you—the foundation that must be established before one can learn to get over heartbreak.

A lot of people say that they want to be writers or they want to write, but they don’t know what to write about. Here’s a prompt for you to follow on a topic that has likely affected you personally or people you know.

It’s your chance to stop talking about writing and actually create a public piece of writing.

So, go, write about heartbreak.

Stefanie Flaxman is the creator of @RevisionFairy and author of a new book about heartbreak.

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