How to Get Over Heartbreak for Valentine’s Day 2014

If you’re skeptical of traditional heartbreak self-help books, but would still like to get over heartbreak before Valentine’s Day 2014, here’s a chemistry lesson for you.

Noble gases occupy group 18 on the periodic table of chemical elements.

The outer shell of a noble gas’s atomic structure is at “full capacity,” so it rarely participates in chemical reactions.

It doesn’t need other electrons to be complete.

Other elements need to participate in chemical reactions to gain the number of electrons a noble gas already possesses by itself.

A noble gas has a stable identity that is full without any External factors.

Heartbreak doesn’t disrupt your stability when you behave like a noble gas.

When you know you are “full” on your own, what you have or don’t have aren’t factors that affect you.

If you need nothing, what is there to be upset about?

To receive the benefits of this heartbreak cure, contentment with your identity and what you have is not enough.

You have to love what you don’t have to get over heartbreak.

No matter how much you gain or lose, you can still love both aspects of your existence.

You must accept situations that will never be “okay.”

It’s easy and natural to accept situations that please you, but you have to make an effort to accept the situations that don’t please you in order to overcome heartbreak.

That is a choice you must make.

As you deal with heartbreak and cultivate your identity through your decisions, you can learn to recognize the situations that will never meet your original expectations and release them, rather than try to manipulate them to your preferences, causing more heartbreak.

Nothing productive happens when you’re desperate.

There are people and circumstances that will never accept you.

There are places where you will never fit in.

Those facts may break your heart, but they are also signals that should guide you elsewhere.

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How to Overcome Heartbreak

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