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“What sets Revision Fairy apart is the Revision Fairy herself. Stefanie goes above and beyond what is expected and sees projects through to completion. She has a wonderful personality and is easy to work with. I highly recommend Revision Fairy to anyone who is looking for professional copy editing or online proofreading services. Her editorial expertise and level of customer service are exceptional.”

~ Casey Vachon, Editor, Business, Careers & Marketing, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

“Stefanie Flaxman is brilliant, careful, and organized. An excellent editor and indexer, she also can be extremely helpful with higher order revision strategies. She assisted in various processes as I finished my last book—from citation and copyright questions to editing. I trust her online proofreading services will serve me for the rest of my writing life!”

~ Dr. Deborah Martinson, Professor of English Writing, Occidental College, California; Writer: In the Presence of Audience (2003); Lillian Hellman: A Life with Foxes and Scoundrels (2005)

“Stefanie’s talent goes far beyond editing and online proofreading services. She is a master of working with clientele and makes everyone feel like she is his/her friend and mentor. She truly cares about the product that she is delivering.”

~ Jessica Eule, Associate Director of Education,

“I highly recommend Revision Fairy for all of your proofreading and copy editing needs. The attention to detail and expertise provided is unparalleled. Stefanie is a consummate perfectionist who will leave no word unturned, no dangling participles and no verbs in disagreement. Her ideas and revisions are always spot-on.”

~ Maria Saj, Manager, Operations Administration, PR Newswire

“As a graduate journalism student at the University of Missouri and an editor myself, I am constantly working with other writers and editors. Having worked with Stefanie in the past I can say that her work ethic is unmatched in today’s industry. She is meticulous and thorough while maintaining a caring and thoughtful approach. Flaxman is truly a gem.”

~ Missy Schwartz, graduate student, Magazine Journalism, University of Missouri

“More than anyone I’ve encountered, Stefanie embodies the virtues of a topnotch freelance proofreader: a bone-deep understanding of the language, perspicacity in all that she reads, a thorough eye bordering on the clairvoyant, and a knack for impressing people with her professionalism and geniality.”

~ Karl Adcock, Copy Editor, TrialGraphix

“I know how hard it is to find knowledgeable editors who are efficient and trustworthy. When I write copy to promote my business, Stefanie is the only freelance proofreader who I trust to take it to the next level.”

~ Heidi Ryder, Heidi Ryder Photography

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