Permission to Be Bad, Real Bad, Michael Jackson

Photo Credit – Flickr: dBRYJ MusicWriting a rough draft is not only a necessary step, it’s the most important part of writing.

Keeping ideas in your head stifles the creative process.

You have to write your thoughts so that you can manipulate them properly.

If you try to perfect every detail in your mind, your work won’t reach the level of greatness that it can when you edit your ideas in the physical world.

Once you have a draft, you have the invaluable opportunity to review your creation and say to yourself, “That really doesn’t make sense. How can I make it better?”

But the fear of sounding bad can often make a writer freeze up.

If it doesn’t sound perfect right away, there’s no point of writing at all. You’ve failed at writing. Perfection or nothing. A pretty common insecurity, right? [Read more…]