The Heartbreak Epilogue, vol. 2

When does the worst part of heartbreak occur?

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Heartbreak 101: Dissecting the Pain

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Heartbreak 101: Dissecting the Pain

“Did that hurt?”

The man in front of me in line at Starbucks pointed to the rose tattoos on my upper arms.

Before I had a chance to answer, he continued.

“That’s cool. I like pain, too. That’s why I got married.” Smirk.

The lack of caffeine in my bloodstream made it difficult to reply.

“Ahh, uh huh,” I giggled.

He wanted to chat, but since I’ve had the “I want to get tattoos, too” conversation countless times with his faceless counterparts, I wasn’t interested.

A stranger is not the best person to advise you about a permanent marking on your skin.

Besides, I already heard everything I needed to know.

“Have a good day!” I affirmed, trying not to be rude, as I hurriedly stuck a straw in my matcha latte and went on my way. [Read more…]