How to Get Over Heartbreak for Valentine’s Day 2014

If you’re skeptical of traditional heartbreak self-help books, but would still like to get over heartbreak before Valentine’s Day 2014, here’s a chemistry lesson for you.

Noble gases occupy group 18 on the periodic table of chemical elements.

The outer shell of a noble gas’s atomic structure is at “full capacity,” so it rarely participates in chemical reactions.

It doesn’t need other electrons to be complete.

Other elements need to participate in chemical reactions to gain the number of electrons a noble gas already possesses by itself.

A noble gas has a stable identity that is full without any External factors.

Heartbreak doesn’t disrupt your stability when you behave like a noble gas.

When you know you are “full” on your own, what you have or don’t have aren’t factors that affect you.

If you need nothing, what is there to be upset about? [Read more…]

The Heartbreak Epilogue, vol. 3

How does pain from heartbreak help you become the person you’re supposed to be?

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Is There Actually a Way to Get Over Heartbreak?

Buy the Book - How to Overcome Heartbreak

Once your fairy tale ends and you’re forced to face a heartbreaking reality, you don’t want to hear more bullshit.

Unfortunately, traditional talk about getting over heartbreak is as aggravating and distracting as the situation that broke your heart.

How to Overcome Heartbreak Without Projectile Vomiting: A Guide for Cynical Hopeless Romantics is the only heartbreak book that doesn’t mention your Ex.

Aren’t you tired of lamenting about everything that’s wrong with him or her?

When relationships, dating, and love are the themes of get-over-heartbreak discussions, solutions focus on getting over the people who hurt you.

But heartbreak isn’t about them.

It’s about You.

How do you let heartbreak change your behavior?

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The Heartbreak Book About You, Not Love and Relationships

Heartbreak Book. Photo Credit – Flickr: Tal BrightYou crawled through the day feeling sad, angry, and disappointed from your latest heartbreak, but now you’re almost back at home where you can wallow in your pain.

You press the Up arrow in the lobby of your apartment building to summon the elevator.

Only a few more moments before you can indulge in your fuck-the-world attitude in private.

But then a neighbor arrives home from a long day at work, as well, and you wait for the elevator together.

“Hi, how are you?” she asks.

You give her a quick glance but don’t respond and go back to looking down at your feet.

When you get in the elevator, you press the number of the floor you live on and do not ask where she is going.

As she jets out her arm in front of you to press the button she needs, you’re even more frustrated that she came in such close contact with you.

Everyone is irritating.

Everything is wrong.

Nothing is comforting.

You’re consumed with your own personal book of heartbreak. [Read more…]

Video: How to Overcome Heartbreak

How to Overcome HeartbreakWhen was the last time you felt it?

It could have been an intense jolt or a mild ache that lasted for years.

You may have gotten so used to living with it that you don’t remember how you felt, how you functioned, and how you formed opinions without it.


As you become your own Revision Fairy, you take responsibility for your life because it’s the life that you have to live every day. It’s your manuscript.

You write out what happens next, and edit out what doesn’t work.

Since symbolic writing and editing is all about examining choices, my philosophical magnifying glass likes to focus on what influences our decisions. [Read more…]