Best Business Writing Tips on Revision Fairy: Summer 2011

Business Writing Tips. Photo Credit – Flickr: petter palanderFavorites.

They seem to be a staple on every social media site, Web browser, and smartphone.

Since it’s unwise to dive into any project without a healthy review of its early stages, I want to list my favorite business writing tips on Revision Fairy from the last few months.

I look forward to writing about more specific topics that answer your questions about how to produce the best business writing possible.

Summer is a time for reflection and relaxation (although I’ll likely also write a similar post in the fall), so take a look at these helpful business writing posts in case you missed them earlier in the year.

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Self-Publishing in the Age of Weinergate

Self-Publishing, Weingergate. Photo Credit – Flickr: Tony the MisfitLadies, I’ve got a scenario for you.

You’re leaving a cocktail party where you just spent the evening talking to two men.

One of them is a HarperCollins-published author, and the other has an online business where he writes a blog and self-publishes ebooks.

If you were asked which one of these men impressed you the most, what’s your natural inclination?

I’d say the man who writes for one of the top U.S. book publishers would probably be the winner.

Social status and finance aside, on a basic level, the traditionally published author grabs your attention because his work is validated—it got a gold seal of approval from a publishing company.

Simply put, self-publishing is still looked down upon because anyone can do it. [Read more…]