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I’ve been sending out writing prompts for a few years now and the time has come to retire this feature from my website.

Even though I’ll still send out email updates occasionally, I’m focusing on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel going forward.

I publish writing advice videos on YouTube every Wednesday, so if you’d like to get content from me regularly, you can subscribe at the link below.


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That’s it — just a quick heads up to let you know what to expect from me.

If you stay tuned to the Revision Fairy YouTube channel, I look forward to continuing to evolve and grow as writers together.

Happy New Year!

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[Revision Fairy] How to Use a Semicolon (Once and for All)

The Semicolon

Start writing now …
  • Are you curious about how to use a semicolon?
  • Do you think it’s the most like a colon, dash, comma, or period?
  • What’s your favorite punctuation mark?

If you’d like some help learning how to use a semicolon correctly, check out this quick video on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel.