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[Revision Fairy] Great Writing in 7 Hours (Exercise)

7 Hours

Start writing now …
  • If you had 7 hours to do anything you want to do, what would you do?
  • Is it possible for you to schedule 7 hours of free time in the near future?
  • What amount of free time could you schedule?
If you’d like to spend your 7 hours writing and editing a great piece of content to share with your audience, check out this exercise on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel.

It’s a sped-up version of the 24-hour rule that helps you polish your text with fresh eyes.

[Revision Fairy] The Right Time to Be Self-Deprecating

Befriend an Insecurity

Start writing now …
  • Are you willing to accept and transform one of your insecurities?
  • How do insecurities show up in your writing?
  • Is there a way to improve when you notice an insecurity might be weakening your work?

For more on this topic, check out The Right Time to Be Self-Deprecating in your writing on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel.

[Revision Fairy] Why Readers Leave and Never Come Back


Start writing now …
  • What makes you lose interest when reading an article?
  • Will you still follow the author’s work?
  • How do you avoid the same mistakes in your own writing?
Discover one reason why readers leave and never come back in this quick video on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel.

[Revision Fairy] How to Use a Semicolon (Once and for All)

The Semicolon

Start writing now …
  • Are you curious about how to use a semicolon?
  • Do you think it’s the most like a colon, dash, comma, or period?
  • What’s your favorite punctuation mark?

If you’d like some help learning how to use a semicolon correctly, check out this quick video on the Revision Fairy YouTube channel.

Is There Actually a Way to Get Over Heartbreak?

Buy the Book - How to Overcome Heartbreak

Once your fairy tale ends and you’re forced to face a heartbreaking reality, you don’t want to hear more bullshit.

Unfortunately, traditional talk about getting over heartbreak is as aggravating and distracting as the situation that broke your heart.

How to Overcome Heartbreak Without Projectile Vomiting: A Guide for Cynical Hopeless Romantics is the only heartbreak book that doesn’t mention your Ex.

Aren’t you tired of lamenting about everything that’s wrong with him or her?

When relationships, dating, and love are the themes of get-over-heartbreak discussions, solutions focus on getting over the people who hurt you.

But heartbreak isn’t about them.

It’s about You.

How do you let heartbreak change your behavior?

[Read more…]

Heartbreak 101: Dissecting the Pain

“Did that hurt?”

The man in front of me in line at Starbucks pointed to the rose tattoos on my upper arms.

Before I had a chance to answer, he continued.

“That’s cool. I like pain, too. That’s why I got married.” Smirk.

The lack of caffeine in my bloodstream made it difficult to reply.

“Ahh, uh huh,” I giggled.

He wanted to chat, but since I’ve had the “I want to get tattoos, too” conversation countless times with his faceless counterparts, I wasn’t interested.

A stranger is not the best person to advise you about a permanent marking on your skin.

Besides, I already heard everything I needed to know.

“Have a good day!” I affirmed, trying not to be rude, as I hurriedly stuck a straw in my matcha latte and went on my way. [Read more…]

Video: Heartbreak Cure for the Cynical Romantic

Book About HeartbreakTraditional heartbreak self-help books make me laugh.

Common outlooks and approaches to getting over heartbreak seem to lack substance, effectiveness, and longevity.

Heartbreak philosophy and the definition of heartbreak examine the ways we react, respond, and shape our identities after the experience of heartbreak.

The implications are broader than the arguably trivial sadness caused by broken or unrequited love.

Associating heartbreak and love is inaccurate because a discussion about heartbreak too easily becomes about dissecting a past romantic relationship.

Recovering from a break-up should not be viewed as the same process as overcoming heartbreak.

Here are my three main issues with traditional heartbreak cures. [Read more…]

Video: Get Over Heartbreak

Book About HeartbreakWhat differentiates feelings of heartbreak from other painful emotions caused by disappointment, rejection, or criticism. What ingredients make up a broken heart?

If you label a state “heartbreak,” what events have occurred and what feelings have been evoked that make it specifically heartbreak?

I like to examine why people get upset in combination with their reactions and responses when something disturbs, offends, or insults them.

I call that sequence heartbreak, and it exists in the space of identity, self-development, and choices, rather than in the realm of love, sex, and relationships.

Those looking to get over heartbreak must first define it.

More than extreme melancholy, I regard heartbreak as a state that you’re in when your ideal state has been disrupted and can’t exist anymore—a recurring fact of life.

Watch the video below to find out more. [Read more…]

Video: How to Overcome Heartbreak

How to Overcome HeartbreakWhen was the last time you felt it?

It could have been an intense jolt or a mild ache that lasted for years.

You may have gotten so used to living with it that you don’t remember how you felt, how you functioned, and how you formed opinions without it.


As you become your own Revision Fairy, you take responsibility for your life because it’s the life that you have to live every day. It’s your manuscript.

You write out what happens next, and edit out what doesn’t work.

Since symbolic writing and editing is all about examining choices, my philosophical magnifying glass likes to focus on what influences our decisions. [Read more…]